La Melinothe was designed to be able to accommodate thematic groups formed, for example psychotherapy groups, or groups of yoga, fasting, detox, singing, or activities for which sharing, concentration, meditation, self-reflection are favoured. It is also possible to organize the spaces to carry out massage or treatment sessions.

The activity room allows you to practice in a group and it is also possible outside when the weather conditions allow it.

The gym and the wellness room are highly appreciated by participants in the various courses.

Access to the activity room or the well-being room are options that can be chosen by any participant in these courses.

They are subject to specific pricing (Activity room option: €100 for the entire stay,

Wellness room option: €90 for 2h30 of use)

Are you a course or seminar leader?Contact us directly on 0645440624 so that we can plan with you the best formula for the stay you wish to organise.